About Us

At LCW, we are not solely lawyers. We strive to be our clients trusted advisors as well as creative and aggressive advocates.  We work with our clients to ensure that they have legally sound answers AND practical solutions to help them meet their goals.  We focus on the representation of public entities, educational institutions and non-profit organizations.  Our dedication to preventive training led to the development of an extensive library of materials that we use in our renowned training programs.  We know from our clients that these materials have made their way into office bookshelves across the state and are used daily to help navigate the ever-changing landscape of labor, employment and education law. We are pleased to be able to offer them in digital format so that subscribers can have access to ALL of our resources, whenever and wherever the need may arise.

What is the Liebert Library?

The Liebert Library is LCW’s online collection of trusted legal training and reference materials. The library is comprised of sample forms, templates, workbooks, and model personnel policies. The Library brings these materials together in one place.  The collection includes the most up to date versions of our materials accessible by members online from anywhere at any time.

The Liebert Library has two subscription levels for their members: basic & premium.

Basic: Provides access to LCW workbooks in digital format. You can search all workbooks, but cannot print or download the workbooks.

Premium: Provides unlimited access to LCW workbooks in digital format, as well as over 400 sample forms, model policies, and checklists that can be downloaded and used as templates. Additionally, Premium Members also receive a $15 discount on any workbook they choose to purchase.