Disciplinary and Harassment Investigations for Community College Districts

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Last Updated: 10-12-2018

This workbook is designed for supervisors and  managers who are responsible for investigating allegations or evidence of employee misconduct, including harassment.  The purpose of an investigation is to gather all of the facts needed to make a determination as to what occurred or did not occur.  The workbook  provides a step-by-step guide for conducting an administrative investigation, including practice points specific to investigating complaints in community college districts.  First, in applying the principles discussed in this workbook, community college districts must be mindful of any internal policies, regulations, and/or contract language that may affect the handling of employee complaints.  Second, Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations impose specific timelines and procedures on community college districts with regard to certain employee complaints.[i]  Finally, investigators in educational settings are often called upon to interview students.  These interviews raise particular challenges such as heightened fears of retaliation, eliciting credible information, and student safety.[ii]

[i]       5 C.C.R. §§ 4600, et seq. ; 5 C.C.R. §§ 53900, et seq.

[ii]      This workbook addresses proper investigation of employee misconduct.  However, we note that many of the investigation techniques and legal obligations discussed are applicable to investigations of student misconduct.

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