Liebert Model Personnel Policy Portal (LMP3)

Liebert Cassidy Whitmore Presents a new digital service for public sector management:

Liebert Model Personnel Policy Portal (LMP3)

The Model Personnel Policy Portal (LMP3) is an online based one-stop shop for personnel policy needs.  Its mission is to serve as a reliable resource throughout the personnel rules audit process.

LMP3 offers online access to mandatory and essential model personnel policies, as well as important commentary and legal references that explain and provide context behind the policies. Subscribers will also receive updated policies that reflect recent changes in the law.

Why Become a Subscriber?

Generally, a complete review and revision of a Personnel Handbook may cost an agency between $15,000 -$20,000. The subscription cost for LMP3 is significantly less - $5,000 per agency. This subscription covers a three-year period and includes all updated policies during this time frame. The LMP3 is a low-cost tool that allows you to ensure that your policies are up to date.

LMP3 provides sufficient guidelines to allow you to make those implementations yourself. However, if you need help, our attorneys can assist you with the customization process. All subscribers will receive a 10% discount on our hourly rate for this work.

We realize that processing a large lump sum at once may be challenging and time-consuming for public employers. If that is the case for your agency, please let us know and we will send you additional information regarding our split-payment option.

Not sure where to start?

Check out our timeline that provides a detailed summary of changes that became effective over the past several years.

Which Materials Are Available?

Our subscribers have access to all required and suggested policies in Word and PDF formats, along with commentary and tips on how to customize and implement them. Each policy also cites the statute or reason it is recommended for inclusion.

View All Available Policies

 Who Should Subscribe?

The LPM3 is designed specifically for public agencies. Community Colleges interested in model policies should contact the Community College League of California – as we partner with them to provide a model policy and procedure service specific for CCDs.

Once a Member, How Can I Ensure My Policies Remain Up-to-Date?

We are now introducing the LMP3 Update Tracker, a new feature that allows you to view significant updates to our model policies  organized sequentially by the year of update.

Click to View LMP3 Update Tracker

What Does LMP3 Look Like?

In April 2016, we hosted a demonstration of the LMP3. Below is a recording of that presentation:


Let us know if you have questions about the LMP3 or how it can benefit your agency.