Human Resources Academy I for Community College Districts

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This workbook is geared towards District Administrators with 1-3 years of experience.

Topics Include:

  • Hiring and Recruitment
    • Overview
    • The Prohibition Against Discrimination
    • The Diversity Commitment Post-Proposition 209
    • Diversity Hiring Pursuant to Federal Grants
  • Lawful Hiring Strategies for Maximizing Diversity
    • Institutional Commitment at All Levels
    • Well Trained Selection Committees
    • A Reputation for Fostering an Inclusive Environment
    • Updated and Modern Job Descriptions & Qualifications
    • Maximizing a Global Perspective in All Disciplines and Departments
    • Proactive, Frontloaded and Long-Range Recruitment Strategies
    • Retention Strategies
    • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Legal Obligation to Meet and Negotiate in Good Faith
    • “Scope of Representation” Defined [Gov. Code § 3543.2]
    • Bargaining “in Good Faith” Defined [Government Code section 3540.1(h)]
    • A Note on Shared Governance
    • Jurisdiction of PERB
    • Negotiation Process
    • Collective Bargaining Agreements
    • Confidential Employees
    • Impasse Procedures
  • Personnel Files
    • The Right to Inspect:  Labor Code Section 1198.5
    • The Right to Review Derogatory Information:  Education Code Section 87031
  • Classified Employees
    • Which Employees Are Classified and Which Are Not?
    • Probationary Period for Classified Employees
    • Classified Employee Disciplinary Procedures
    • Classified Employee Overtime
    • Leaves for Classified Employees
    • Layoffs of Classified Employees
  • Academic Employees
    • Employment of Contract Faculty Members
    • Evaluation of Faculty
    • Sick Leave for Academic Employees

This document is provided as a benefit to Liebert Library subscribers and cannot be shared outside of their organization. The information contained within is a template only and is not designed to address the specific and unique issues, internal rules, practices, and/or governing documents that might be in place at your organization. You should always consult with legal counsel prior to implementation of any documents.

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