Terminating the Employment Relationship

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Employment relationships are similar to personal relationships.  Rarely do they end to the satisfaction of both parties.  One party often would like the relationship to continue, while the other party has a beneficial interest in severing the relationship and moving on to greener pastures. If done correctly, a “break-up” will allow both parties to move forward with no or relatively few feelings of resentment.  Conversely, a “bad break-up” may leave one party harboring resentment and looking for retribution or money.  In the case of employment relationships, a “bad break-up” may lead to a lawsuit, which could lead to liability and certainly will lead to spending money litigating, settling or both.

Topics Include:

  • Terminating an Employee
  • Legal Ramifications to Consider Prior to Ending the Employment Relationship
  • Termination for a Disability that cannot be Accommodated
  • Retirement and Retirement Incentives
  • Early Retirement Incentives
  • Layoffs
  • Legally Enforceable Settlement and Separation Agreements
  • Post-Separation Obligations

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