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Last Updated: July 2023

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  • Eligibility, Requirements, and Restrictions
  • Exception to Penal Code 320.5 - Tickets May Be Distributed In Exchange For Donations Rather Than Cash If Certain Requirements Are Met
  • Department Of Justice Registration & Reporting


  • Sales And Use Tax Consequences Of Auctions
  • Auction Disclosure Statements For Charitable Contributions
  • Gift Substantiation Statements
  • Sales Permits And Recordkeeping

Hiring Third Party for Professional Fundraising Assistance

  • Commercial Fundraisers
  • Fundraising Counsel
  • Contracts with Commercial Fundraisers or Fundraising Counsel

Use of Third Party Intellectual Property In Fundraising    

Raising Funds For Individual

Raising Funds Through Alcohol Licensees

Pledges and Donations

Endowments & Quasi-Endowments

Donor Advised Funds


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