LCW Sample COVID-19 Related Supplemental Sick Leave Policies and Forms for Private Schools and Nonprofit Organizations

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On February 10, 2022, Governor Newsom signed SB 114, which provides for COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave (SPSL), into law.  The new law requires employers that employ 26 or more workers to provide SPSL to employees retroactive to January 1, 2022 and through September 30, 2022.  Liebert Cassidy Whitmore has prepared a template SPSL Policy and forms in order to assist clients in complying with these new legal obligations.  SB 114 becomes effective, February 19, 2022. Clients should consider adopting a policy and revising their leave practices in order to provide employees the SPSL to which they are entitled under the law.  For further information about SB 114, please see the Special Bulletin we issued, which is accessible here:

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This document is provided as a benefit to Liebert Library subscribers and cannot be shared outside of their organization. The information contained within is a template only and is not designed to address the specific and unique issues, internal rules, practices, and/or governing documents that might be in place at your organization. You should always consult with legal counsel prior to implementation of any documents.

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