Privacy Rights

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Last Updated: July 2023

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Privacy rights implicate many aspects of organization management.  They arise from a vast array of federal and state laws that are not only numerous, but often difficult to interpret.  The area of privacy rights continues to expand particularly with the continued evolution of technology used by employees.  Thus, an understanding of privacy rights is essential in complying with the law, preventing legal challenges, and managing employee conduct that implicates these rights.

Topics Include:

Types Of Liability In Privacy Arena

  • California Constitution
  • Common Law Torts
  • Additional Privacy Protections Regarding Collection Of Personal Information By Website Operators

Employee Medical Information and testing          

  • Requirements Regarding Medical Files
  • Confidentiality Of Medical Information Act
  • Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act
  • Other Laws Regarding the Confidentiality of Medical Information

Searches And Surveillance

  • Searches Of Employee Work Areas
  • Monitoring Of Electronic Communications
  • Video Surveillance Of Employees
  • No Camera or Recording Policies
  • Tracking Devices
  • Immigration Agents‚Äô Access to the Workplace

Regulation Of Employee Personal And Off-Duty Conduct

  • Workplace Relationships
  • Off-Duty Conduct

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