Wage and Hour

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Last Updated: July 2023

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Wage and hour laws are one of the most important – and misunderstood – areas affecting California nonprofit employers.  The laws in California differ from other states.  Moreover, California wage and hour law is typically more restrictive than its federal counterpart.  Nonprofit employers need to proceed with extreme caution!

Topics Include: 

Who Is Covered By Wage And Hour Laws?

  • Introduction To Coverage Issues
  • Independent Contractors
  • Joint Employment
  • Trainees And Interns
  • Volunteers
  • Ministerial Exception And Parsonage

Overtime Exemptions

  • Salary Test
  • Duties Test
  • Organized Camp Exemption

Minimum Wage

  • Federal Minimum Wage Requirements
  • California Minimum Wage Requirements
  • Local Minimum Wage Requirements

Hours Worked  

  • Introduction To The Hours Worked Concept
  • Distinction Between Work Time And Paid Time
  • Dual Employment And Different Rates of Pay
  • Rounding And De Minimis Rules
  • Meal Periods
  • Rest Periods
  • Standby Or On-Call Time
  • Travel Time
  • Reporting Time Pay
  • Unscheduled Or Unreported Overtime

Basic Overtime Requirements

  • Daily, Double And Weekly Overtime
  • Alternative Workweek Elections
  • Makeup Work Time

Payment Of Wages

  • Wages Payable On Termination
  • Regularly Scheduled Wages
  • Wage Payment – Other Requirements And Considerations
  • Compensatory Time Off
  • Method Of Payment of Wages
  • Civil Penalty For Payment With Non-Sufficient Funds Instrument
  • Computation Of Regular Rate Of Pay And Overtime

Deductions From Wages

  • Legal Deductions
  • Recovery Of Wages Paid Is Illegal
  • Deductions For Loans Made To Employees
  • Uniforms And Equipment
  • Deductions For Tardiness

Medical Or Physical Examination Costs  

Assignment Of Wages

Vacation Time 

  • “Use It Or Lose It” Vacation Policy Is Prohibited
  • Vacation Probation Periods
  • Earnings Must Be Proportional
  • Personal Time Off And Other Forms Of Vacation

Child Labor         

  • School Attendance Requirements
  • Work Permits
  • Restrictions on Occupations
  • Hours Worked
  • Exemptions


  • Notification Requirements At The Time Of Hiring
  • Pay Stub Requirements
  • Other Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Retention
  • Right To Inspect Personnel File

Wage Discrimination (Equal Pay Act and Pay Transparency)

  • Equal Pay Act
  • Pay Transparency

Remedies And Enforcement

  • Statute Of Limitations
  • Enforcement Of Wage Laws
  • Remedies
  • Criminal Penalties

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